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Welcome to Boise !  We have compiled below a complete Consumer Oriented Reference
Guide for your Enjoyment. Information links, including Buying/Selling a Home, Home
Improvement, “Just for Kids,” Consumer Reports, Health Information, National and
International News,  and more!  
Commercial Buildings and Land for Sale
       Click map to view commercial and industrial buildings, structures, and
       land available for sale from the federal government.
Farms and Ranches for Sale
       Search by state for farms, ranches, lots, and buildings for sale from
       U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm Loan Program.
Single Family Homes for Sale
       Click on a state to find houses for sale from the U.S. Departments of
       Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Agriculture (USDA/RuralDevelopment),
       and Veterans Affairs. Includes residential homes, condominiums, and mobile homes.
State and Local Government Sales
        Find state and local government surplus auctions.
Debbie Bachmann