Beyond the TV: Outdoor Activities for Kids

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or kid trying to find something different and to do with your
downtime, you have hit the jackpot! The following links offer many ways to “think outside the house”. No
matter where you live or what you like to do, there are activities that you can be doing outside. Getting
outside and being active is good for your physical, mental and emotional health and can also be

Whole Family Fun- Families looking for things to do outdoors with children age 6 – 10 should definitely enjoy looking through the many suggestions on this
site. Whether you are in the country or city, find activities that fit your budget and your location.

Seasonal Fun- No matter the season, there is an activity list that you’ll find something fun to do with your child.

Child’s Play - Preschool aged children just love to get messy. Explore this site for ideas suitable for one or a whole group of youngsters.

Pitch A Tent- Exploring nature works for all ages and this page offers a variety of fun ideas for making a nature hike more exciting and maybe even
accidentally educational.

Campfire Games - Take it outdoors and stay outdoors with this handy resource that helps you prepare to go camping with your family.   Explore outdoor
cooking, hiking and campfire games using any of the resources available on this page.

Gone Fishing- A hook and line and a can of worms sounds simple enough but there may be more you need to know about fishing. This is your go-to site that
is dedicated to getting another generation of anglers out baiting a hook.

Take Me Fishing- An excellent little guide to the basic items to remember when taking the very young out to your favorite fishing hole.

Hook ‘em Up- This freshwater fishing guide is perfect for anyone considering loading up the car with your kids, grandkids or even the neighbor kids to go
fishing. Reminds you to make the day about the kids and not your own personal experience.

Playing It Safe - Share these water safety tips with your young people, especially if you are planning an outdoor adventure near any body of water.

Biking with Tikes - Tips on two-wheeling it with your child.

Shooting Stars - Get a brief introduction to the physicality of enjoying the sports of archery or canoeing

Winter Sports Tips - Play it safe when playing in the cold. Learn important information about keeping warm while enjoying winter fun.

Sled Riding Safety Tips - If you are heading out to sled down some hills, it wouldn’t hurt to review the safety tips found here.

Make a Splash- Swimming safety tips for young people can come in handy when the summer sun makes a dip in the water sound good.

Bird Watching for Kids - Get your child interested in watching birds and there will always be something to do outdoors. Learn how to attract birds to your
area by providing houses and the right kind of birdfeed.

My First Garden - With just a little bit of soil and a few seeds, you could start a small garden and share the joys of growing your own flowers or vegetables
with your child’s help.

Flying High- Open this site to learn how to make your own kite and then find a big open field to fly it in. Kite flying is not just for the kids.

Double Dutch- Remember the fun of jumping rope on the playground? This site has health facts mixed in with ideas for “jumpstarting” a healthy habit that is

U.S. Kinds Golf Foundation- Learning golf alongside your children can give you something to enjoy with them into adulthood. Get your start here.

Dribbling - Basic guidelines for getting your younger children started playing basketball.

Get Out and Go - The federal government is helping to encourage kids to go outside.

YMCA: Y Not Join? -Find your local YMCA and check out what programs are available that will get your kids off the couch and on their feet.

Your Own Backyard - Choose this site to learn how to utilize what outdoor space you have available and make your child’s time outdoors educational and

Gardening With Children - another good resource to the joys and benefits of gardening. With grocery prices soaring, now would be a great time to get your
kids involved in gardening, even if it just pots on a patio.

Planting Good Habits - An expert from the botanical field shares her expertise with gardening with young children and teenagers.

Constellations - Gazing at the stars can be fun AND educational. This site provides a variety of resources that can be used for stargazing.

Air Ball - Remember shooting hoops in the driveway or at the park? This page will remind you of some of the fun games you used to play and you can pass
the tradition on.

Giddyup- If there are stables near where you live, being involved with horses can help kids become more confident and can also lead to summer jobs.
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